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Level 11, Sterling House, Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis
Tel: 213 2370-75       Fax: 211 5315      
  • Introduction

The Employment Service operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment and is governed by the Employment and Training  Ordinance 1963 and the Employment and Training Act 1982.  We are ISO certified 9001:2000 since November 2002.

The Employment Service aims at providing an efficient and effective platform through labour market exchange. It is committed to contribute proactively to the objectives of the Government in addressing the mismatch in the labour market through proper collection and dissemination of Labour market information .It also acts as an effective agency for jobseekers as well as employers to interact free of cost in matching labour demand with labour supply.


  • Historical background

The Employment Service which was initially known as the “Re-absorption Office” , started in the 1940’s when the need was felt to set up a formal organization to register and place former Servicemen in employment.
The "Re-absorption Office" was opened at the end of the Second World War, to help returning Servicemen to reintegrate civilian life. This Office was later known as  "Employment Exchange" and  eventually renamed “Employment Service”.
Over the years, the services provided have been decentralized through the setting up of regional Employment Exchanges, which were later renamed Employment Information Centres (EIC).   To date there are thirteen EICs which are located throughout the island of Mauritius and one EIC located in Rodrigues to enable all jobseekers to have an easy access to the services provided by the Employment Service in Mauritius and by the relevant authority in Rodrigues.

  • The core objectives

            The core activities of the Employment Service include, among others, the following:

    • Registration and placement of jobseekers
    • Employment counselling
    • Providing up-to-date labour market information
    • Conducting work permit inspections
    • Inspection of private recruitment agencies
    • Organisation of sensitization sessions for laid-off workers
    • Helping in the redeployment of laid-off workers


  • Main functions of the Employment Service involve the following:
    • Registration of jobseekers
    • Visiting enterprises to canvass for vacancies
    • Processing of vacancies', placement of jobseekers
    • Providing counselling to jobseekers
    • Preparation and publication of statistical reports on employment situation
    • Survey of the employment market and the publication of labour market reviews
    • Conducting research and the preparation and publication of jobseekers guides, career booklets and brochures
    • Job analysis in enterprises and the preparation and publication of occupational descriptions by sectors
    • Implementation of Labour Market Information System, including the Job Bank
    • Planning and organizing sensitization sessions for laid-off workers
    • Initiating action to facilitate re-deployment of laid-off workers
    • Preparation and publication of the National Classification Occupations
    • Making inspections in enterprises to ensure conformity with the Recruitment of Workers Act.
    • Operating the “Journal de l’Emploi” in collaboration with private and public media stations
    • Operating the “Choisir ou travay” television programme to vulgarise vacancies announcement
    • Operating the “Audiotex ” service
    • Processing the recruitment of workers for overseas vacancies
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